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Whitehaven slave traders
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Whitehaven as she was in her Heyday

The finest RL side in Cumbria
Whitehaven RL

Fantastic Web site
on the Kells Brake

The most important man on the job, the brakesman

And the band played them out

Old archive picture by former pit deputy and councillor Ronnie Calvin as the band plays out the last shift from Haig Pit. More on the area's mining past.

Festivals 2014
Find out what Festivals the town will feature this year..including the Home and Garden Show and Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats live on stage.....plus links to official site for tickets and more information. More information.

Low Level Jet through the Lakes

Try this video from the cockpit of a Typhoon over Wales and the Lake District...

Huge water-bill caused by Environment Agency & some Mussels!

Water consumers will have to pay for millions of pounds in extra projects because of concerns over some freshwater mussels.
The freshwater mussels in the River Ehen, have been coping for the past few millenia with varying river levels, but the Environment Agency has now decided one of the main water supplies for West Cumbria (Ennerdale) has to close to make the mussels happier. Read about the mussels and their black pearls.
As a consequence of the withdrawal of the Agency licence to use Ennerdale lake by 2025 United Utilities say they will have to lay a huge water pipeline all the way from Thirlmere to West Cumbria and build new treatment works.
When asked about the scandalous waste of money United Utilities say their hands are tied by the Environment Agency rulings.

Two Votes on Thursday May 22 2014
Whitehaven electors can take to the polls on May 22 to decide on two different issues. They will have chance to vote for MEPs to the European Parliament and also vote in a referendum to see if they want a directly-elected mayor to lead Copeland Borough Council. If people vote ‘yes’, an election will take place on October 16. The elected mayor would be in post until May 2019 (with elections every four years after that) and take the decision-making power currently held by council leader Elaine Woodburn and her five-member Executive, all of whom would revert to being ward councillors if replaced.

Breezy Day at Whitehaven! (December 5 2013)

Sweet Virginia and Whitehaven

Read about Whitehaven's role as the tobacco trading hub for Europe & the links with the early US colonies.

Whitehaven as she was
in 1847...
Fascinating detail in this reproduction from a Gazetteer from 1847....
William Pit

Nuke Dump for Copeland is back on the Cards

After Cumbria County Council said No, the government has changed the rules and will now let District Councils decide...thus the high level nuclear waste dump plan is again probable for the western Lake District. Government states 12/9/13: "Throughout the revised process being consulted on, communities would be represented by the most local competent authority, (the District Council or unitary authority in England, or relevant equivalent in Wales or Northern Ireland)" The fells east of Sellafield are most likely setting.

Spot the Mineshaft near you!

An interactive map shows the many mine shafts that pepper the area around Whitehaven and Cleator Moor. This information has been extracted from the national coal mining database, held and maintained by the Coal Authority. Go to the interactive map....
And see more on the area's mining...

Cumbria's Slavery Connections
ONE of the first times a black slave was permitted to share a white person’s burial plot in England happened in Whitehaven in 1700. And the Whitehaven burial in St Nicholas’ churchyard, of the slave called Jane, was in defiance of the then law stating that no African could be buried in a churchyard. The burial was that of the slave servant of Mildred Gale, grandmother of the first US president, George Washington. More.....

Setting Sail out of Whitehaven

Before the days of SatNav Whitehaven seamen set out at the mercy of the winds and tides from Whitehaven....many of the ships and their skippers are recorded in this web archive...
Maritime Exhibition

The Beacon's Harbour Gallery features a sea of beautiful maritime art.
Whitehaven, one of the most important ports in the country during the 17th and 18th centuries, has a rich maritime past and this exhibition will celebrate this heritage.
How the Queen Mum helped keep rare Slave Goblet in Whitehaven
Find out how Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 2002 made the anonymous gift...

Our Clogmaker
All about Whitehaven's well known clog maker.

Steam at Lowca
Atmospheric video on the footplate of steam shunter working at Lowca....you can almost smell the steam and coal dust!

Whitehaven's Mutineer
How a Whitehaven seaman was involved in the famous Mutiny on the Bounty..find out more.

Take a guided walk around the town .....

Memories of the 2005 Maritime Festival
Queen's Visit 2008
On June 5 2008 Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were cheered by around 10,000 wellwishers along the harbourside. The event marked the 300th anniversary of the grant of the Royal charter for the harbour.
See the actual Royal document in which Queen Anne granted Whitehaven her harbour.
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Old Harbourside Scene
Harbour office from old postcard, Courtesy of Serge

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