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My Mum Audrey Smitham, b 1939 had a friend called Robert E Lavery, both lived in Solway Road, Moresby Parks, Whitehaven. She would love to be in touch to say hello. My email is cazstechy@hotmail.com. Mum was Ruth Smitham. I understand Robert Lavery married Joan Barnes and is still in the area.
Best Wishes
Carol Stechman (cazstechy@hotmail.com)

I am searching for a pen pal I had when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Our Girl Scout troop had the opportunity to write to kids our age. The name given to me was Carol Young. I have long since not corresponded with her , however, I was wondering if she still lived in the same area as she did when she was young.
Her address at that time in approximately 1975 was:
Carol Young
Brow Top Inn, Wellington Row
Whitehaven, Cumbria

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Amy Hamlin hamlina65@gmail.com


I am trying to find answers to a relative recorded as an inmate at Whitehaven on the 1911 census. The 1911 census does not put addresses next to names so I cannot tell where she was an inmate of. Her name was Lilian Harrison she was 10 at the time. Around her on the census are other girls of the same age.

I am trying to work out where she was in 1911 and hopefully where.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Kind regards: sara.withoutah@yahoo.co.uk


Looking for information on the Kendall Family: Jeremiah Kendall married Fanny Adamson Patman - had two daughters: Lucy & Sarah.
Lucy was born Dec. 1852 and Sarah was born in Sept. 1857. Sarah married Francis James Kerr in Jan. 1884. They had 4 children: Florence/Lucy/Fanny/Kendall. Sarah died in 1902 and is buried in Whitehaven Cemetery. Francis brought his children to Quebec, Canada in 1914. Fanny Adamson Patman was the daughter of Fairey Patman / the sister to Frederick and Sarah - Looking for any information on these people

Thank you

Cathy Renoe crenoe59@hotmail.com

I am searching for any further information on Henry Steele who appears in the 1861 census living in the home of his daughter Catherine Martha Lawson nee Steele, wife of Robert Pinhorn Lawson in Bowness-on -Solway.
After 1861 is a complete mystery as to his whereabouts, he was a widower in the census and possibly returned to Jamaica where he was born.
So grateful for any clues.
Thank you
Susie Hayes (susanhayesrata@gmail.com)

04/05/2016 Does any of your readers have a connection to the Glanville or Norman families who resided in Cleator Moor and Frizington Areas. In the 1880’s to the 1930’s when they were force to go south .
Any info required; Jonpeacock1@outlook.com

25/2/16 I have been researching the life of John Biggin, born in Whitehaven around 1708, the son of William Biggin. They became coal factors and moved to London, developed a line of shipping, and John eventually victualled the British Navy during the Seven Years War (he also trade in slaves unfortunately) and owned massive tracts of land near where the London Eye stands now. Then he retired to our village, Cosgrove, in Northants. Our website is http://www.cosgrovehistory.co.uk/ You can read about John's son George at http://www.cosgrovehistory.co.uk/doc/people/biggin.html
We would love to have any details you may have come across concerning John or William's earlier life in Whitehaven. many thanks Wendy (Page) wendypage1@gmail.com

I am searching for the father of Susannah Eleanor Watson my 4 x gt grandmother. She was born in Dominica, West Indies. Married William Bryham, Viewer (Colliery Manager) in St James Church, Whitehaven on 4 Nov 1797, 3 children at least were born in Whitehaven then the family moved to Cowpen, Northumberland about 1806. I have their records from that time but wonder who Susannah’s parents were. It has been suggested that her father was a ship’s captain. I would be very grateful for any help. (lizzie69@me.com)
Hi there,
My name is Sarah (Sally) May Bell Morrow nee (Elliott) I am trying to trace what is left of the Bell Family from my mother's side of the family. My mother was born in Whitehaven on 22/8/1910 she had a brother named William and a sister named May. That is where I was called May Bell in my middle name.
May had two daughters named Sheila and Ann, Sheila went on to marry Jack, and Ann married Bill, he was a publican in Whitehaven in the mid 60's.
Sheila and Jack had two sons, names unknown, Ann and Bill had a daughter named Jacqueline and a son named Paul.
There is kin out there if this rings a bell then get in touch at drumcoole1@outlook.com or 07768715569
I am due to pay a visit to Whitehaven shortly and would like to think that I can rekindle with some lost family. Regards;Sally Morrow

25/1/2016 Hi I am researching my ancestors and have go back to Robert Yeowart born Whitehaven 1803 he married Elizabeth Cowen also of Whitehaven. They had a son Joseph born in Whitehaven 1829 and he married Jane Mowson of Whitehaven. They moved to Liverpool where their daughter Hannah was born in 1870 Hannah was my great Grandmother. I am interested in finding any family still living in Whitehaven or the surrounding area. I am also interested in any further information on Robert Yeowart and his ancestors. Thank you Kerrie Davies (kerriedavies3@bigpond.com)
26/12/2015. Hiya my names Chloe my nanais called Brenda she's lived in Whitehaven most of her life but she lived in Dublin,Ireland and we don't know his name but he had a daughter with Eileen Bruce his daughter is called Brenda Bruce but her married name is Mason he only had one kid to Eileen and Eileen had another child 4 Carol I don't know her last name my nana asked her uncle Hugh for information about her dad but he refused to tell her and he changed his number so my nana couldn't contact him as they fell out over it and her mams dead her sister don't have the same dad so we're hoping you can provide her with her dad's address or a mobile number or a house phone number we know this is hard work and a lot to ask for but she's spent 58 years not having answers and wanting them thanks very much please reply to me on this email thanks very much again
Yours Sincerely
Chloe Dixon & Brenda Mason (dixon0264@gmail.com)

1/11/2015 My mother Mary Coles was unmarried mother ( ne Cora Coles ) and her family disowned her , and I know she came from a large Family , I would dearly love to find my lost family
John Parker Married my Grandmother Martha Parker in St Bees or Whitehaven in the late 1800s
Mary Coles born 1915 and never married although I had 2 other sisters ( father was William Davies from Wigan )
If you can help me start to sort my Family I would be very grateful
Kind Regards Cora Ann(e) Williams (coraanne10@icloud.com)

19/10/2015: Hi, I am trying to find some information about my grandad, all I know is that his name was Walter edward Cooper who died at selafield in a cement mixer accident in January 1950 he was 34 years of age he left a wife and 1 year old daughter called Mary I believe he had a brother w g Cooper but can't be certain of that any information would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

I looking for my brother Anthony gordonHorley know Tony I been looking for the past 15 years with no success I don't know if he passed away he would be 63 now I hope he hasn't but would like to know if there any one of this name may have passed away he was born Poole Dorset on 24 April 1953 but lived in Nottingham I check with them but no one of this name ( janet.barber1@gmail.com )

10/6/15 Hello My grandfather died in pit distaster in bout 1849----1900 his name was charles william mossop he lived in parkgate cumbria it was cumberland back then need help any himts or clues you can give me
Thankyou june muir (junemuir1950@outlook.com)

Am searching for information re my Grandfather Thomas Steele Mcdowell. I believe his father's name was John, born around 1870's. They came from the Workington/Whitehaven area. John was in the police force so I am led to believe. Thomas and his wife Sarah lived at Seacliffe, Whitehaven for a good number of years.
They had 3 children, Florence, Reggie and Jimmy. Thank you, Eileen Neill: email@theneills.net

Dear Sir I am looking for the names of Edward Burtons parent he was born 1791 in St Bees Cumbria England and married Mrtha Cullins born 1793 in Workington England......any information on either of there parents would be appreciated..they were married 11 Sept 1810 in St Michaels Church.....in St Bees.......Thank you Kaye (kayemac@telusplanet.net)

Would it be possible to find out the present address of Mrs Lilian McKinley, she was a work friend of my mothers. My mother has just recently past away and has left a letter for Mrs McKinley but no address, I know nothing about her except that she lived in Whitehaven, my mother worked there in 1977 to 1979 and she and Lilian became good friends, is it possible to trace her where abouts, or find out if she is still alive.
If you can possibly find out any thing about her I would be very greatfull.

Mrs S Jackson (sandramjackson10@gmail.com)

I am tracing my family tree and have found that William Graham was born in 1842 in Maryport, Cockermouth. I think his parents may have been William Graham, born on the Isle of Man, and Anne Major born in Lamplugh but I am not sure. Would an Old Parish Record of his baptism show this information? William married Mary Stephenson in 1865.

I would, before ordering any certificates, like to know I am heading down the right road with my family tree. Can you please help? Ann Lang (annlang38@ymail.com)

December 2014:
Working on World War I newspaper articles for Western Maryland, USA and found this(scroll down). This was in the Morning Herald, Hagerstown, MD Sept 24, 1918. If you could add any light it would be most appreciated.

VETERAN DIES HERE.<br>In our Hospital at 10:45 this morning died a British veteran, William D. Pattinson, of wounds and gas injuries he received at the battle of the Somme, in France in the spring of 1916. After the battle he was taken to base hospital, then to his home at Maryport, Eng., wherefrom he enlisted and where he was a member of the Perseverance Ledge of Masons, and then, in the hope that the sea and the change would do him good, came to this country to visit his aunt, Mrs. Wm. H. Wilson, Washington Square, this city, wife of the well known merchant there. At first he felt better and gained but the anemia which afflicted him gained ground and he got weaker, and was taken to the Hospital for special treatment. He could not rally and so at the age of 29, one of the heroes of the Somme, where the German advance was checked finally and decisively in blood and by the loss of many gallant English lives offered as a sacrifice for the freedom of the World, he, bravely fighting, fell. A wave of gas from the demon hordes of his foes and machine gun shot overcame him. He has no other relatives in this county than Mrs. Wilson. He was a fine and splendid young man.<br>He, after enlistment, was promoted to sergeant of the Durham Infantry, and served his country well.

October 2014:
Any information on Henry Marshall Steele born in Jamaica 1801, married in Wigton Cumberland in 1828 to Anne Wilson, daughter of Martha Wilson, (widow) of Bowness Cumberland. After marriage to Anne they returned to Jamaica where their children were born. I have no info on their life in Jamaica except that Henry was an overseer on a sugar plantation, nor any info where or when Anne and Henry died. He was a widower by 1861 living in the house of his daughter Catherine Martha Lawson in Bowness.
So grateful for any clues.
Many thanks
Susie Hayes (susanhayesrata@gmail.com)

I know that around 1911- 17 my grandmother attended a school housed in the building which stands at the South end of the Market Place. We used to know it as Roan's Furniture shop and Mill Tech computers have a shop there now. It is a distinctive building with its arched windows and space for a bell to be hung on the roof. I now know that the school was a private preparatory school called Solway School but can find no records of it at all. I have tried the Records Office and I have Googled the name, but nothing appears.
If anyone has any information about this establishment, I would be pleased if they could email me.

I am looking to reconnect with my long lost family and was wondering if you could help me in any way. I know that my great-great-granfather, William John Kelly originated from the Isle of Mann and married Margaret Stewart who originated from England. I know they lived at 19 Greenbank Ave., Whitehaven, CA28 9QX in 1947. They had 7 children: John, Ruth Ann, Margaret, Jeannie, David, Andrew and Leonard, all under the Kelly name. I believe Margaret J Kelly, John Kelly’s sister, lived at 22 Salmon Crescent, Horseforth, Leeds in 1957.
I also know that Jeannie Kelly had a son on March 5th 1947, but I am not sure where he was born.I was wondering if you had any information as to get in contact with, most probably, their children.

Thank you very much in advance. Meagan Kelly ( meagankelly@live.ca )

Hi I am looking for Martha Cullins parents names she was born 1792 in Workington Cumbria England and married Edward Burton born 1791 in St Bees....Thank you Kaye (kayemac@telusplanet.net)

I am trying to trace 'Buccams' public house where two young boys stayed in August 1784. Any suggestions, please?
Frances Wilkins(frances.wilkins@live.co.uk)

Searching our family we found a photograph of my great grandfather as a Belgian soldier in the Great War. The photograph is made by W. GIBSON, The British Studio, Tangler Bldgs, Whitehaven. We also found out that there was in that time a convalescence hospital in Whitehaven, we think it was called the Moresby House Hospital.

My grandfather was a Belgian soldier who was first at the Battle of Antwerp until 10-10-1914 and later at Adinkerke near the IJzer river and at the railway between Aachen and MontzenHis name is Leopold Sijmus, sometimes also written as Seymus, born at Beerzel on 18th april 1885, military number 103.52843.The only thing we know for sure that he was wounded in a gas attack (not the exact date, but problably later than 1915) and that he stayed for some time in Great Britain in hospital.Can you tell us if there are any archives of this hospital and where should we ask to get information? Or does anyone have any other information about this picture or the photographer?
Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,
Paul van de Water (pvandewater@wijzijneen.nl)
Met vriendelijke groet,

Hi , I'm looking for James wilkinson born roughly 1930, he married my nan (Ellen benson) in 1959 and they had a child (my dad) born Paul Brandon wilkinson ( was changed to Paul Brandon Robinson). They got divorced and I think he went on to marry ivy Hilliard in 1965 I think. I don't believe he is still alive but would love any information on this man as he was my dad's biological father and want to know if he had any more children and family that we could get to know? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Darren Robinson (darrenrobinson85@hotmail.co.uk)

I too am looking for robert richardson born 1800 in whitehaven cumberland and wife jane.1805 my gt gt granny was their daughter mary she married thomas miller wondering if its the same person. he was a fisherman too.
they moved to the northeast. daughter daughter jane tear and her daughter jane h tear moved there too. the millers stayed in whitehaven.
thanks any help with this would be great they are on the 1851/61 census
marie (Lmbatwitch@aol.com)

Hello there
Back in 1990 during the italian world cup i was based in Whithaven on a long contact at Albright and Wilsons Factory.
I lodged at the Waverly Hotel and i must say i had some of the best times of my life working and living down there for so many months.
I met lots of great people and recall having some refreshments in the local bars in particular The Royal Oak ( im sure the owner was named Phil) and plenty of photos of the band It Bites on show.
Also was another bar that stood out was The Whitehouse.
Most of the folk i met worked in st bees or at selafield.
I can recall most of the men enjoyed rugby and me being a Glasgow man more into football.
We did get a team together to play football and i have to say what a day it was.
I sort of recall being tackled by a rather large Whitehaven lad just before i scored.
im sure the lad forget it was football and not rugby he was playing...We did have a great day after i came too.
I have often wondered what happened to a girl i knew from Whitehaven back then, Susan Adams, she worked in the Waverly hotel and was a dark haired girl ( i am sure her mother was from malaysia or the philippines).
She also had a little brother if memory serves,.
I would say she would be late 30s early 40s or so i may be a little out on the age.
I traveled up and down from Glasgow to Whitehaven for some months after i left the town but eventually due to the distance lost contact and the years drifted by.
I would guess Susan would be married with children these days as she was a very pretty girl but it would be nice to know
how her life has went over the years.
I do miss Whitehaven and my times there, sometimes i have the urge to jump in my car and come down and say hello to a we town that made me oh so welcome from the day i stepped in it.
My email is paulmartin1992@msn.com
should anyone want to contact me.
Thanks for reading

My great grandfather, born some time in 1800 was listed on a couple of census`s as coming from whitehaven, however I have been unable to find anyone that might be him in any records...anyone any ideas...he ended his life as a miner in the north east of england. Judith.garbutt421@gmail.com

I am restoring a Benson long case with painted dial for a client whom is a direct descendant of John Dalton actually. Soon to feature on my website as I look for absolutely provenance with furniture , it's the stories behind the wood as it were !

Oct 2013
I've been able to trace my family tree back to Whitehaven in the early 1800's but have hit a wall. My great-grandfather William Matthews, youngest (I think) son of William Matthews and Jane (nee Holloway), was orphaned at the age of 4 or 5 when both of his parents died in 1870 and with his older sister Ruth was sent to the Workhouse. I know his father was a coal miner, but can't find any record of his parents marriage or their births as they were before 1837.
If anyone has any information on Matthews or Holloway families from the Whitehaven area could they contact me at flowerface@westnet.com.au
Many thanks
Christine Matthews

Burial record for Henry Steele, died on August 28th 1869 Kinniside. Born 1801 Kingston Jamaica.
Any help much appreciated.
Susie Hayes
g g granddaughter. (susanhayesrata@gmail.com)

I'm researching the name TAGGART, who emigrated from Belfast Ireland, to
Cockermouth Cumberland sometime before 1865, when Andrew TAGGART 1840,
married Margaret BURNS in 1865, they had William TAGGART 1869, Andrew 1870,
and James 1870 [twins].
Sometime after the twins were born they emigrated to New Zealand where they
had Robert 1876, David 1879, and Margaret 1884. This is where the family
married, and died.
Andrew 1840 emigrated to Cockermouth with his father Andrew 1811, and mother
Jane, who were both born in Belfast Ireland. Andrew 1840 also lived in
Whitehaven, and Workington.
Believe it or not I'm trying to find the passenger list, and ship they came
on, I have a lot of info on the family but not that vital passenger list.
Thanks for all your replies. Keith skudd@xtra.co.nz
April 2013
I have been researching my paternal line and my g g g g grandfather William Gilpin (Weaver) was living in Whitehaven in a house in Charles Street at the time of the towns own census in 176The house was owned by another William Gilpin who was a merchant. In 1777 William Gilpin (Merchant) sold the house to William Hicks and William Gilpin (Weaver) continued to live in the Charles Street House until he died in 1785 and his short obituary appeared in the Cumberland Paquet in April of that year. I believe my William married Isabel Burton who bore him two children John and George, before dying two weeks after giving birth to their third child Richard (who subsequently died). William married again in 1767 to Grace Brown and had several more children, one of whom was my g g g grandfather Henry born in 1776. William was literate and as he signed his own Marriage Bond was presumable in a position to promise to pay the £200 forfeiture fee.

My problem is I can’t find a birth record for him but as the marriage licence states that he was 33 in 1767 I must assume he was born around 1733/4. Can anyone out there give me any clue as to his parentage? Would be grateful for any help – thank you. Margaret.Jones@nutriculture.co.uk
April 2013
Having hit a brick wall on the family history of my Grandfather George Garnet, I would welcome any help at all.
I have his birth certificate which states he was born on 4th February 1884, his parents were George Garnett - Blacksmith and Margaret Garnet nee Hennesey, they were living at 7 College Lane, College Street, Whitehaven, Cumberland.
Other than these details I haven't found him on any census and only have his marriage certificate to my grandmother in 1913 in Birkenhead, Cheshire. Please can anyone help?
K Cosgrove (kathcosgrove@btinternet.com)

i I have been researching my family history and came across some stumbling blocks due to the lack of information/ the family name is Gibson my great great grandfather was Francis Gibson born in Kendal 1820 he was married to my great great gran Sarah Allinson in 1843 and settled in Whitehaven I have no idea who his parents were the only other information I have is that he passed away in 1894 in the Union Workhouse at Preston quarter and was blind. William his son my great grandfather married Isabella Callow in 1865 his occupation was give as a mariner they eventually settled in Liverpool /there was talk in my family that one of the family emigrated to America and settled in Salt Lake City. My mother who was William grand daughter often spoke of the family ties to Whitehaven and that great great grand father ran a pub in Whitehaven prior to moving to Liverpool. I know there are still Gibsons living in Whitehaven that could be distant relatives I would eternally grateful for any feedback/ thank you alanwin@live.co.uk

March 2013
Henry`s children included Isaac and Elizabeth. Elizabeth m. Joseph Studholme who were my great grandparents. Both Isaac and Elizabeth were born in Ravenglass. Isaac, Elizabeth and her husband Joseph left England 1881 on The Montreal, arriving in New York. I am interested in knowing more re Henry Mossop genealogy as well as Joseph Studholme ,and their occupations. Thank you. lynneleach@charter.net
December 2012
Can anyone tell me anything about a ship called union. my gt grandad was an apprentice on it in whitehaven harbour in the 1871 census.
marie: Lmbatwitch@aol.com

November 2012
I was wondering if you have any information on a Swinburne family…..Thomas Swinburne born about 1890 and a Elizabeth Reay born about 1890 also?
They had children born in Whitehaven ……Winnifred Swinburne born May of 1915 …..may be other children born in Whitehaven.I can remember them talking about Basket House overlooking the ocean on top of a hill.I believe we have relatives by the name of Kennedy living in England.Thomas moved to Canada and sent for his wife about 1919 eventually settling in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.
Thank you for your time.Wendy Carlson: wendycarlson@shaw.ca (Thomas Swinburne’s grand-daughter)

James Johnston.He was my Grandfather who lived at 15 kelsick lane Whitehaven He is on the 1911 Census.He married in the 1920 to Annie Nesbitt.H ave you any info on his Family.I have a receipt for funeral that took place May 7th 1923.It was for 3 car and hearse for the priest.Grandad and Annie had quiTe few children James,Annie,John,Edith,William,Margaret,Hoping you have any info From Jacqueline Harrison (Jacquiharrison90@yahoo.com)
July 2012
Do these names ring a bell with anyone? Robina's maiden name was KNIPE William Black was a master baker, and had his own bakery. They had two children, William who is on the 1911 census and had died before 1991 and Nella who was born after 1911, and was still alive in 1991. Nella could well have been a nickname for Eleanor. Nella was deaf. Any help gratefully recieved as I am coming to Cumbria in Oct and want to make contact with as many relatives as possible. [Maybe theat was the wrong thing to say!!!! :-)))))) Bev Kirby Durban South Africa (bev@inkmatehillcrest.co.za)

March 2012

I'm looking for an old friend of mine who use to go to bransty primary school in about 1991-1993-4 he lived at 21 the cresent, at least I think it was 21, was defo the cresent, his names Danny he had a sister who was about his age an her name was Kate I think, he also had two younger brother one was called Liam I think, my name is James but use to go by the name Jamie, I moved to Whitehaven from Dorset with my mum, stepdad Keith and my younger brother Stuart, I think it was number 17 the cresent where I use to live. Hope somone can help me. Thanks... jrmorgy27@gmail.com

February 2012
Im trying to contact Sally Greer with regards to her Great Grandfather being the captain on the Alice A Leigh then renamed Rewa Ship.
I have the original Alice A Leigh ships bell which she might be interested in if you can get us in touch.
I live in New Zealand and have no way of finding her if you can please help.
Thank you
Shannon Sinton

I am researching my family tree from here in New Zealand and am trying to
trace a relative of mine. His name is George Matthews and would be in his mid 80's now. He was
born in 1925 near Carlisle, went to Whitehaven Grammar and became a Police Officer in Workington up until

If anyone has any information then please contact me on mark@oxford.school.nz

November 2011

I've been researching the family descendents of John Steele who was the father of Richard Steel/e born in Cumberland England (Holy Trinity, Whitehaven) in 1828. John had married Christian Kinley in 1827 on the Isle of Man. I would like to know if there is anyone doing research on the Steel/e families of Whitehaven, I have hit a brick wall about John Steele. I know his family was from Whitehaven and that he died in England about 1830 - but I can not find definite reference to either his birth or his death. The closest possibility to a birth is John Steele born in 1804 in Whitehaven, Holy Trinity, Father William and mother Mary. Family legend tells that John had died in some kind of hunting accident when Richard was only a toddler.

Diana (dianasteele@bordernet.com.au)

October 2011
Does anybody know the name of the Inn that used to be at 44 Queens St. My Great Grandmother was the inkeeper in 1881 her name was Catherine Winter,
Many Thanks David Waring davidjwaring@yahoo.com

I have successfully traced my family descendents back to Charles Pearson (b1775) who was married to Anne Gately in Whitehaven where he was a boot and shoe maker by trade. His parents were Charles Pearson (b1740) and Jane Rothery, again from Whitehaven. Charles parents were James Pearson (b1711) and Mary Powe who were married at St. Nicholas’s Church,
Whitehaven in 1731.

Now I am finding it more difficult to trace James' ancestors back into the 17th century or earlier. Can anyone help?

My Pearson relatives remained in the Whitehaven area until the 1930’s depression when they moved down to Harrow in Middlesex. The main trade that all my male relatives seem to do was as painters and decorators for the last two centuries or more.


Bill Pearson bill.pearson.northants@gmail.com

September 2011

I am researching my family tree and looking for help.
I am looking for THOMAS MILLER born c 1811 lancashire possibly bolton.
he married MARY RICHARDSON bc1831 married 1847 whitehaven. her parents ROBERT RICHARDSON (sailor) and mother JANE.
their daughter MARY married WILLIAM PEARCE b isle of man. his parents JAMES PEARCE and ELLEN CANNELL.
their daughter MARY ELLEN b 1880 married JOHN MCALONE IN 1901.she died 1962
their daughter AGNES MCALONE married arthur williams 1945 ish she died 1952
i hope someone can help me with this THOMAS MILLER and JAMES PEARCE b kent c1821 are my brick walls.
i am looking for buriels of this family from whitehaven. i think buried in the cemetary known as LOW ROAD. but not sure who else is besides AGNES WILLIAMS.
thank you MARRA and FRIENDS

Attempting to locate Ian Moore. He would be 36/37 yrs old and used to live on Coronation Drive just off Loop Rd North about 20 yrs ago. He was an apprentice at Marchon in the 90's and was educated at Whitehaven School. Reply to PaulDRollason@aol.com


I am looking for any information about Henry and Elizabeth McEwan, who lived in Whitehaven in the 1870's. Henry (born in Scotland) was an iron moulder. Elizabeth's maiden name may have been McMinn. They were married in 1873. They had 3 sons John, Henry, and George when they left Whitehaven and settled in Pittsburgh PA in 1881 or 1882.
Jill/ vwzippy@yahoo.com


I have just been told my great grandfather David Colville his wife Agnes and their nine children stayed in Whitehaven when they arrived from Kent around 1909. He was a cattleman. Having worked in Hawkhurst Kent breeding bulls for Agentina he found work in Whitehaven before returning to Carrowdore Co. Down.

If anyone has any information I would be grateful.

Kind Regards

Margaret (Megrox216118218@aol.com)
We are trying to find any records of marriage between Robert White and Mary Jane Gilmore (possibly Gilmour) in the last quarter of 1888. the marriage took place in Whitehaven.
She was born in 1870 in Harrington, Whitehaven Cumberland and her father was Thomas Gilmour, Mother - Margaret.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

Keith and Angela Playle (keithplayle@talktalk.net)

July 2011

John and Catherine Carroll came to Whitehaven from Wicklow in Ireand married 1869 at Whitehaven and lived at Egrmont where they had several children . They lived at Church Lane he was a iron ore miner . But which one did he work at ....does anybody know. They were Roman Catholics which church would they have been baptised in Egremont ..The family came to New Zealand in 1875 .
We are having a Reunion next year and would love any information that we can find thanks. Margaret Carroll

I'm looking for information regarding Robert Colville who lived in Whitehaven. He died in 1879, possibly July. I was hoping someone might know if there was a burial record for him.

Karen Wilson

hi all
iam looking for info on the briscoe family as a margaret gilpin married a william briscoe in 1737 at holy trinity church
his father was joseph briscoe he was married to a elizabeth ?

a daughter of william briscoe and margaret gilpin married a henry pearson in 1765 at st bees

looking for more info on the briscoe family and gilpin +williams mother's surname

many thanks:janetstrong862@btinternet.com

April 2011
I will be visiting Cumbria in June and would like to visit my ancestor's graves if possible. Any information on where Dalzells are buried (especially W.W.B. Dalzell - there are a few) from the 1700s to 1960s.
Many thanks

T. Dalzell (Norwich) edalzell@btinternet.com


I am trying to find where my granddad is buried, he was killed in the William pit disaster of 1947 his name is Walter Wylie.

I have his death certificate but no information of his burial and no living family to ask.

Thank you.

Gary Matthews

Feb 2011
I’m looking for family tree history for the Mossup family and the Studholm family. Both came to USA. lynneleach@charter.net


My son is doing a history report on Peter Bowine, Please can you help me find out any information on this man, I believe he lived in Duke street in Whitehaven and worked in the pits. Please could you reply to jhaddon1@sky.com

Kind regards

Jill Haddon

TORENS. My Great Grandmother Mary Ann Wilson (Torens) was born in
Whitehaven C, 1848.
She married George Wilson (Coal Miner) and they lived in the
Longbenton area of Newcastle.

Does anyone have any information on the Torens family/families of Whitehaven.

Kind regards.

Val. Simpson. emails: maryvalsimpson@gmail.com

Hi! About 40 years ago I was writing to a girl called Pat Mckee from Whitehaven Does anyone know where she is now? Please reply to burns@sunbeach.net My name then was Margaret Morrison Thank you Margaret

November 2010
My family have connections to the above named puplic house and I would be thankfull for any information relating to this business[Circa1940-1945].The licence may be in grandfathers name ROBERT BURNS or my grandmothers Annie Belle Burns[nee Atkinson].

Please is it possible that someone could help?


Oct 2010

I was wondering if anyone can recall any information ref the name Kierman. I have a birth certificate of my Grandma Margaret Kierman born 2/10/1914 2 West Strand, Whitehaven. Her father was Thomas Kierman a shoemaker Journeyman and her Mother Eliza formerly Smith.
I cannot find the marriage of Thomas & Eliza either so cannot trace the tree any further.
I know this is a long shot but fingers crossed xx
Kind regards


Dear Sir
I am trying to trace the Patsy Anne. This boat was built in 1969 at the Anderson boat yard in the Orkney islands for my father in law. We lost track of her after his death in 1980 when she was sold and I believe went back to Scotland. I have since heard she is working out of your port.Could you please let me know if this is correct as my wife and I would like to see her again when we next visit the lakes.
Yours Sincerely
John and Patsy Anne Wilcox/ thewatcherspolperro@googlemail.com

August 2010
I'm trying to find the roots of my wife's family.
The earliest I can find is Joseph Cavender, born Whitehaven 1821 and died in 1898 in, possibly Fylde.
I have Joseph's family pretty well covered - he had a son and grandson lost at sea-however there is something lurking in the back of my mind telling me that they may have originated in Ireland.
Living in Australia I have no means of chasing up church records etc., the main source I've used is the I.G.A (Mormons)
Could you possibly point me in the right direction please
Bob Vianello

I am researching the Pattinson and Martin families who lived in and around Whitehaven up until about 1901, possibly later, but that is as much as I have discovered so far. Hannah (nee Martin) and Dan Pattinson (my 2xg-grandparents) lived at 38 Irish Street, Whitehaven at least until 1886 when Dan died. Hannah subsequently lived at 66 Strand Street, which is where my grandmother (Hannah Key, daughter of Ellen Key, who was the daughter of Hannah and Dan) was born. Hannah senior also had a son named Albert Edward Pattinson, apparently born in Carlisle, date of birth November 1887, obviously not the son of Dan! I have been unable to trace any record of Albert's birth anywhere, but have him in 1891 (Whitehaven) and 1901(Lancashire) Census records. I have my grandmother's birth certificate and have seen a record of her baptism when she was about 8 years old, unfortunately I can't remember which church in Whitehaven and have lost the notes I made when visiting Carlisle some 15 or so years ago. I have managed to trace Martins back to William and Ann (one Census she is named Nancy - is this likely?) in 1841 - they lived at Harrington. I would particularly like information on Albert Edward Pattinson - Hannah Pattinson died in 1901 and it was some time after that Albert came to New Zealand. Maybe Albert was christened in Whitehaven. Hannah Pattinson also has a connection to the Studholme family - her mother Ann married Thomas Studholme when Hannah was young and had several more children. One Studholme daughter married a Clements. I would appreciate any information anyone may have.

Janet Smith alphapak@xtra.co.nz

My name is Bill Chernish and I am trying to locate a telephone number or email address for relatives in Whitehaven. My father's cousin's were Millers and Mackins. Edwin and Kathleen Miller have passed but I believe that their children Patty, Hazel and Christine may still be in Whitehaven. It has been many years since I have spoken with any of them. Many of them visited us in Canada over the years as well my parents visited Whitehaven quite a few times. Both of my parents passed away several years ago and they were the only ones in my family that had recent contacts with them. I am planning on being in Whitehaven for several days, August 16 and 17 and would love to see them. I visited Whitehaven for several days in 1973 and am looking forward to returning.The Red Lion Pub seemed to be a popular place that my family visited.

If you could provide any information to contact them it would be gratly appreciated.

Bill Chernish
174 Hillsdale Rd.
Welland, Ontario, Canada
July 2010

Does someone have information about the origins of the name Pears House. I am related to Pears who were living in Whitehaven in the 18th and 19th centuries and wondering what the connection may be.
Tony Pears ajpears@anet.co.nz

Trying to locate any past scholars who attended Richmond School in Whitehaven when my late great uncle Harry Fred Skyram Lowery was Headmaster. (He retired in 1958). I believe head boy and head girl at the time were Derek Allen and Edna Cosgrove. I am searching for a photograph of Harry. I'm sure he would have shown up on a class photo or similar.
Would really appreciate if someone can help.
Tel: 01697320393

une 2010
Robert Cowley, born in Andreas, Isle of Man was my great, great grandfather. He married Hannah Wood of Egremont and they had four children: Matthew, Sarah, Daniel and Mary, my great grandmother who married William Key of Arlecdon Parks in 1882.
In 1861, the family were living in Ravenglass where Robert Cowley was a Grocer and Tea merchant. Hannah died in 1865 and there is no trace of Robert after that. The children were brought up by their aunt and uncle: Daniel and Sarah Wallace of the King's Arms in Ravenglass.
In 1880, Matthew Cowley was apprenticed to a Tea Merchant in Whitehaven.
Does anyone have any information about what happened to Robert Cowley?

Can anyone please help me find photographs of my late great uncle Harry Fred Skyram Lowery who lived in Whitehaven. Here are a few of his many credentials: Army captain in WW1.Awarded the MC. Headmaster at Richmond School (Retired 1975). Former president of Bransty Royal British Legion. Someone out there must know someone who may be able to help me. Would be really grateful of any feedback.
March 2010

Robert Boyle(18) was in Whitehaven with his brother Patrick(16)at the time of the 1861 census. He had come over from Antrim, Ireland and was a coal miner.
How do I find out which pit both brothers were in?
When /how did they get to Whitehaven?
He married Isabella (Tinnion, I think) from Whitehaven.
There is a marriage in Whitehaven between ROBERT BOYLES and ISABELLA TINNION in 1864.
What exactly is her surname?
They finally ended up in Seaham Co. Durham.
I would appreciate any information there is about them and there family, both ancestors and descendents.
M. Stones (great, great granddaughter)


For many years I have been trying to find out what happened to 4 Hartley brothers, all born in Whitehaven, the sons of Robert Hodgson Hartley and Grace Rodgserson. Robert was a house joiner in Whitehaven. He died in 1905. The family home was at 20 High Street, Whitehaven.

James Hodgson Hartley, born 1872, married Elizabeth Ashley Williamson in 1896, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. From 1896 onwards nothing further located. James was a grocer in 1896.
Robert Hartley, born 1877. Last known of on 1901 census, when he was still living at home with parents Machine Printer.
Henry Hartley, born 1880. Last known of in 1891 census when aged 11 years, living in Whitehaven
Edward Hartley, born 1882. Last known of in 1901 census, when he too was living with parents in Whitehaven. Warehouseman.

Their oldest brother, David Hartley, remained in Whitehaven, where he died in 1942. David named 2 of his sons, James Henry and Robert Edward, presumably after his brothers.

None of these 4 missing Hartley brothers show up on the 1911 census. What became of them is a complete mystery. To make matters worse, living relations in England state they do not know what occurred to this people. Searches in various countries, (Commonwealth and USA) have to date been to no avail.

Any information at all on any of the above would be most gratefully received.
With thanks.
Email: theborlands@woosh.co.nz

Could do with some help to find out where my grandmother Susan Couthard McGee (nee Hall) lived. (Somewhere in Parton). She married George McGee in 1920. He was a barber. Any idea where his place of work was?
Mrs N. Colman

November 2009
my name is anthony pearson most of the family of pearson came from cumbria then went to lancashire
then to durham
i have a rachel johnston (nee pearson) married to a robert johnston from whitehaven married at st bee's in 1830
we think that robert johnston may have been married before he married rachel to a elizabeth macivar in whitehaven
we rachel pearson daugther of rachel who is daugther of rachel
trying to fined the pearson family to rachel pearson
we have rachel johnston born in 1838 and married to a william pearson in 1865 they moved to durham then to gateshead

robeert johnston born in 1809 then his 7 children are
joseph born in 1832
rachel born in 1838
ann born in 1843
jane born in 1845
robert born in 1847
william born in 1849
charles born in 1851 in durham
any info
welcomed thanks janetstrong862@btinternet.com


I am trying to find information about Thomas (Waddell) Turnbull who is shown on the 1911 census (Whitehaven) as a school master. Can anyone suggest where I could find information about schools in the Egemont / Bigrigg area at this time.

Thank you. Mary Baker mairi@shaw.ca

B.C. Cnada

Oct 2009

Aug 9th 2009, someone on your website enquired about the McAllister family of Whitehaven and referred to the Wellington Pit Disaster. There is a website with a list of the names and addresses of those who died: http://www.healeyhero.co.uk/rescue/pits/Wellington/Wellington3.htm#top

Hope this helps.Best wishes.

Ann Drodowski

August 2009
adam mckee was my great-grandfather. he was born in feb. 3 1869 his parents were robert and betsy mckee he married ellen gribbin in 1887? his children were mary em mckee 1888 maggie mckee 1891 my grandfather robert henry mckee 1892 betsy mckee 1898 john mckee 1900 alice mckee 1903 william mckee 1906 and lilly mckee 1909 July 22, 1910 he was awarded the edward medal for the (Wellington Pit).disaster came to canada in 1912 worked as a steamfitter in chapleau in the shops, for the canadian pacific railroad played in the chapleau brass band he died jan. 30 1934 margret,robert henry,betsyand john came to canada in 1913 follow by ellen,alice william and lily in 1914 my grandfather robert henry returned in 1914 for ww1 he was a private in the border regiment then he was a lance corperal for the royal engeners he married my grandmother ann mcallister at christ churh whitehaven 26 july 1916 ann was the daughter of john mcallister and rose ann bradley they lived at 63 back row newhouses in1893 there was a john mcallister awarded the edward medal in 1910 i was wondering if hes one and the same ? and if any of the seven mcallisters killed in the (Wellington Pit).disaster were related and if ann mcallister han any siblings and mary em mckee the only mckee to stay in england my grandfather robert henry mckee and my grandmother and there son robert returned to canada after the war in 1920 adresses for mckees in whitehaven are #4 cummins lane 1871 adam 2 robert 35(great great grandfater) betsy 32 they lived 31 ginns preston quater1892 and in 1901 they lived 48 ginns grocers shop i would please like any info anyone can send me thank you ken_ mckee@shaw.ca


I was browsing Google Earth looking at all the many houses where I've lived over the years when I came across your site. I was born at Workington Infirmary but lived in Whitehaven, first in Hamilton Terrace and then in Hollins Close, for the first six years of my life. I have very strong memories of walking (often) through a tunnel near Hamiliton Terrace which I think went under a railway line. The tunnel walls were damp at one point witrh a big clay-coloured stain at toddler's eye level. I don't suppose anyone can confirm that?

I'd be really curious to have news of my old friends but none of them seem to be on Friends Reunited. Perhaps you have a Whitehaven Reunited site? If not may I perhaps suggest one?

For the record I now live in France but still get nostalgic whenever I'm near the sound of the sea . . .


Andrew Corless andrew.corless@wanadoo.fr

July 2009
Hello I am searching for the birth of my Grandfather James McGrath, on the 1901 Census it states that he was born in Whiteheaven, which I assume means Whitehaven, however the 1911 Census says he was born (at sea). Could you please advise as to whether there is a record of persons born on ferries between Ireland and Whitehaven, James was born c1876.
Thank you for your time

May 2009
I am researching the Lindow family. And can go back to Jonas 1780 who married Ruth Brockbank. My family ended up in Southampton aroung 1900s. I know Samuel 1801-1871 and John b1821 Lindow went into business in the Iron mines in the area, and there is a special Lindow Spade. My decendants are from Jonas B1811 who didn’t go into the Iron mining business, and was a Mariner. Any information would be welcome. Thanks; Chris Price. Chris.price62@googlemail.com

April 2009.
My name is Jeannie Splenda and I am researching my family who originated in Whitehaven. My gr. gr. grandmother was Catherine Cavanaugh who married Michael Hughes. Catherine was born in 1851 and had a twin sister named Bridget who married a Henry Watson. They also had a sister named Mary whose married name was Kerns.

Catherine and Michael came to America and settled in Dunbar, Pennsylvania where Michael was killed in a mining accident. Catherine then remarried William Miller and they moved to Martins Ferry, Ohio.

I have heard so many stories about the family and I am very interested in any information that anyone has.

Thank you,
Jeannie Splenda; jsplenda@sbcglobal.net

Hello. I am looking to trace family roots from Whitehaven area.
Key details I have are enclosed:

William Clague
Birth: abt 1809
St Bees, Cumberland, England
Who Married:
Jane Sharp
Birth: Abt 1808
Midlothian (Edinburgh), Scotland
Death: Abt 1876
Cleator Moor, Cumberland, England

Thomas Clague:
Birth: 17 Sep 1840
Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
Chapel St, Little Scotland)
Who Married:
Margaret Morton
Birth: abt 1847
Parton, Cumberland, England

Eleanor Morton Clague
Birth: 1876
Cleator Moor, Cumberland, England
Death: 1956
Barrow-IN-Furness, Lancashire, England

I have many residences from Census records, showing where they lived in Whitehaven, details for Wiliam Clague:
1841 Age: 32 Residence
Chapel St. St Bees, Cumberland, England
Occupation: Shoemaker
1851 Age: 42 Residence
Kelsick Lane, Harrington, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
Occupation: Shoemaker

1861 Age: 52 Residence
4, Senhouse Street. St Bees, Cumberland, England
Occupation: Shoemaker journeyman
1871 Age: 62 Residence
1113 Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor, Cumberland, England
Occupation: Boot and Shoemaker
1881 Age: 72 Residence
5 Plumblands Lane, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
Occupation: Bootmaker. Widow. (living with Brother In Law)

Any assistance to connect to/identify family members greatly appreciated.

Philip Livingstone, email: livingstonep@hotmail.com

March 2009 my name is anthony pearson
we have two johnson in the family tree
1 rachel johnson born in whitehaven about 1842 she married a william pearson in 1865
2 leonora johnson born we think in gateshead in 1903 she married a john pearson in about 1920

i can not find any info on the IGI web site
can any one help me out

Feb 2009: Well done chaps, in putting Fitna on your website. At last, a newspaper that believes in freedom of speech (and that the truth should not be outlawed)..My sincerest congratulations,

Feb 2009.Looking for information on:
Jeremiah Kendall (spouse) - Fanny Adamson Patman born 1820 & died 1860 - children: Sarah born 1857 & died 1902 (spouse - Francis Kerr) - Lucy born 1852
Fairey Patman - (spouse - unknown ) children: Fanny above / Frederick born 1826 - died 1880 / Sarah born 1818

Joseph Ernest Marsden married to Elizabeth Wesley Kerr in Whitehave abt. 1905

Any information on descendents / photos or contacts would be appreciated. Cathy Renoe

Jan 2009 Can anyone help with - Priscilla Gledsdale b. abt 1788 -Whitehaven. On the 1861 she is 73 (unmarried) lodger.

I do have other Gledsdale`s and I am willing to share info. mhjh@btinternet.com

Dec 2008
Hi, My great great grandmother Dorina Cavanagh was born in Whitehaven in 1857 - her parents were Patrick Cavanagh and Mary Boyce. The family moved to Scotland shortly after and stayed there however, Patrick had a brother James Kavanagh (who married Mary's sister Ann Boyce) and they and their children settled in Whitehaven after a short stay in Scotland. They had 4 daughters - Ann, Bridget, Catherine and Mary and 2 sons Patrick and Martin ( that I know of). Any information at all about any of the people listed would be appreciated as woud any information about other family that I don't know about as I am sure there were more Cavanaghs and more Boyces in the area.

Oct 2008
Hi, I am trying to trace my fathers side of the family tree, my grandfather Tom Smitham was born in the whitehaven area abt 1897 had a brother matthew there father was a Thomas Smitham who was a publican grandfather Tom married my grandmother Esther Ryan from LLandudno in 1919 one of the witness's was a radio singer called Harry Geeson ( i don't know which side of the family but is thought to be a cousin) any information would be gratefully received
Danny Lim nee Smitham

I am currently searching for the history of my family, and have found on the 1881 census that my gr gr grandfather lived in whitehaven, his name was William Robson (born 1833), his wifes names was Elizabeth (b.1835), they had two children Isaac (born 1872 - my g grandfather) and James who was also born in 1872.

According to the census, they all lived at No.3 Little Scotland in Whitehaven.

My questions are: 1. Where was Little Scotland on todays maps and does it still exist?
2. I cannot see evidence of James on the 1901 census - is there any info that may relate to a death?

Many thanks for any information that you are able to provide
John Robson
email - jr1977us@yahoo.com

Sept 2008
im researching my family tree in the 1901 census john carr forster resided in henry s t in Newcastle upon tyne .he lived there with his wife maria and their children, occupation innkeeper now as family stories go they had more than one public house in and around Newcastle. john was born in dipton mill in 1854 and died in Newcastle in 1909 .what i want to know is how do i find a list of public houses and who the licencee was for that era. hope you can put me on the right track.

regards pat short

Aug 2008
Can anyone help identify this photograph of Margaret Anne Hunter - aged 1 year old - taken in a Whitehaven studio around 1950s? Found among my parents' photographs when they died in Scotland - I think she might be a second or third cousin. This particular photo was in a Christmas frame.
Who is Margaret? Does she still live in Whitehaven?

Thanks, Anne Martin; anne.martin@zen.co.uk

June 2008
Hi All,
I recently found an old photo under the floor boards and have been doing some investigations. I am looking for the Dickinson family. Isaac and Anna marie Milward who lived in Albert terrace in 1901 with three children Lucy, Anna Emma and William. They lived in the house for years and i cannot find any more info on the family. The photo could be either Lucy or Anna. Lucy was born in 1871 and in 1901 was still unmarried and worked at the coco rooms in the market sq which is now fares chemist. Anna 1875 Emma 1876 and wm 1885. The photographer was Reay and Dyson from Cleator Moore and also St Bees. if anyone has any info or has traced their family back ground please reply. The father Isaac was from Corney and his wife Anna was from Geurnsey. Anna's sister Lucy also lived with them for a while toward the 1900. Kelly Doran
April 2008
hello,im looking for any information about my mother,martha dickinson,nee boyd and crone,from common end,distington in the 1950s.she was a master confectioner and with my father,ran a small shop,what i believe was called the albert hall,also they catered for functions,the last known being on the 12th dec,1953 at the odd fellows arms in whitehaven,is it still there ?returning late there was a fatefull car crash at tollbar on howgate rd,my mother and 1 other person died, i was only 3 yrs old,so any information would be most welcome,many thanks,jan,JKeenan05@aol.com

Looking for information on the Kendall Family: Jeremiah Kendall married Fanny Adamson Patman - had two daughters: Lucy & Sarah.
Lucy was born Dec. 1852 and Sarah was born in Sept. 1857. Sarah married Francis James Kerr in Jan. 1884. They had 4 children: Florence/Lucy/Fanny/Kendall. Sarah died in 1902 and is buried in Whitehaven Cemetery. Francis brought his children to Quebec, Canada in 1914. Fanny Adamson Patman was the daughter of Fairey Patman / the sister to Frederick and Sarah - Looking for any information on these people
With thanks Cathy Renoe

Feb 2008
I am currently researching family history in Whitehaven. Most of my ancestors were Johnson/ Johnstons in Moresby. However after they moved to County Durham they continued to visit a family called Phillips who had a removals firm in Whitehaven. Does anyone know anything about this company or family?
Also I remember my grandparents having a curious plate which read'Littledale and the Independence of Whitehaven'

Does anyone know the significance of this inscription?

Jenifer Spencer ajja80@ukgateway.net

My g-grandfather, Irvin Hurst (shipwright) was b1833 to Henry Hurst (b1808 Flimby) and Sarah Swift. Henry's parents were Lawrence Hurst and Jane Irving. The last couple are buried at St Mary's, Maryport, their gravestone leans on the back wall.
Sarah Swift's parents were James Swift and Sarah Woodburn, who married 1795 in Whitehaven.Sarah lived to old age in Cockermouth but I haven't been able to find the demise of James. He was supposedly from Gt Yarmouth which seems a long way to travel then.
If anyone is related to these families, I would gladly exchange info from the New Zealand descendants of Irvin.
Thank you, Colleen Newton colleen.newton1@xtra.co.nz


I am researching unemployment relief projects of the 1920's and wonder whether anyone living locally has any information regarding the construction of the "Loop Road" which i believe was originally built as the Whitehaven Bypass by unemployed workers. I believe it was built around 1925 but have no other information on this. Does anybody have any details as to the construction period, how many people were engaged on the project and who (i.e. unemployed miners?) and especially when it was opened and whether there was any formal opening ceremony? There are occasional references to the road on local websites but very few details of its history. Any information will be much appreciated!
Many thanks.
Keith keith.a.spencer@voa.gsi.gov.uk

I am researching my family tree and have come to a brick wall,I have copy of 1841 census which shows the family comprising Sarah Edwards (mother) ,Isabelle,wilfred,Alice ,John. any help very much welcome they lived Whitehaven Preston St ? and think the father John was stationed there in the Army.

January 2008
"I am doing some research for a freind of mine.her name is mary mckee.her dad was andrew mckenzie mckee,and her mum was margaret jane mckee nee barry.she was born at 6 johns lane,whitehaven in 1929.she has 2 brothers.john barry mckee born 1919,another brother,but i have forgot his name,and 2 sisters calledann ellen mckee,and ages mckee.her mum died in the 40,s tragically,an her died died in the late 30,s she thinks.if theres any chance theres anyone who knew the family,or if any of her siblings or near family are still with us,could you please contact me asap.she,s 79 yrs old"
.thankyou wendy.

Can anyone help with the McGill family of Whitehaven in the late 1800's?

Abraham McGill born 1836 in Ireland and wives Mary and Catherine, (children - Mary, Eliza, Sarah, Malcolm, James, Abraham, Ada, Hugh, Joseph, Robert and George).

Annie McGill born 1843 in Ireland who married Thomas Johnston.

Joseph McGill born 1847 in Ireland and wife Eleanor, (children - Margaret, Sarah, Eleanor, Eliza, Mary, Joseph, Florence and Wilhemenia).

There may have been other siblings of Abraham, Annie and Joseph. I believe the two boys were builders. Would love to know if anyone has them in their family history...particularly if they can tell me were in Ireland they were from!


Nov 2007
I am trying to research the history of what is now Sporthouse, 75 King Street. This was, in the 60's the John Peel pub, in 1910 and 1901 the Prince Albert, and 1883 and 1873 the Prince of Wales. Rachel and Jim Seifriss.

Oct 2007
Like so many other people I'm researching my past - Great Great Great Grandfather, Richard Ball was born in 1812 in Nuneaton but was a member of the Cumberland Militia from about 1854 (?) - do you know anything about this militia? - Richard was a Colour Sargeant and based in the Barracks Irish Street, Whitehaven in the last 1850's but moved to St Bees around 1867 and lived in Grindall Place with his wife Eliza.
They had 2 daughters - Mary and Annie Mary, the latter becoming a school mistress in the area.
Any information on any of these folks would be useful.

Ian Monton
Sept 2007
Whitehaven Operatics are to stage their next musical production next March and the show is to be staged around the second world war. We are looking for someone who can supply us with some uniforms of that period for the duaration of the publicity photos. We will be hiring our costumes for the show but need a couple of uniforms to borrow for an afternoon so we can get our publicity going for the show. Anyone connected to any reenactment society who can help please contact me ASAP at k865uk@aol.com

July 2007
I lived at the "workhouse" from 1939 to 1950 when my parents, who managed the hospital, moved to Worcestershire. I have often wondered about the later days of the buildinds which I understood were demolished in the mid 70's due to subsidence problems.
Are there any accounts in the local paper, etc, of the final days ??
Incidentally, I holidayed in Sweden in about 1962 and stayed aboard the MV Chapman which was built in Whitehaven .
C L Barnes/ yscubor@hotmail.com

May 2007
I am trying to locate other members of the Hughes family.

My grandfather, Edward Hughes, was born in Moresby Park Cottages on 18 Jan 1888. He married Bridget Sweeney of Mossend, Scotland on 14 Jul 1911 at Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Mossend. They had 6 children, all born in Uddingston, Scotland. Edward worked in the mines in Scotland and then emigrated to New York in Dec 1925. Bridget & the 6 children followed in Sep 1927.

Edward was the 5th child of Edward Hughes & Ann Kelly. His parents, Edward Hughes & Ann Kelly, immigrants from Ireland, married on 13 July 1868 at St. Gregory's Chapel in Whitehaven. According to census records their other children were:

Henry Hughes, b. 1871 in Cleator Moor

James Hughes, b. 1873 in Cleator Moor

Mary Ellen Hughes, b. 1882 in Cleator Moor

Daniel Hughes, b. 1885 in Cleator Moor

Any information regarding Edward Hughes's siblings and/or their descendants would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Hughes

email: brian229atl@hotmail.com



Feb 2007
I am trying to trace an old friend of my mum’s Dorothy (Dot) Wren b. c. 1839. Her mum was Fanny Bartron, married Joseph Wren had Joseph Annie and Lawrence and Dorothy. My mum Ruth Huddart lived 32 Solway Road, Moresby Parks, Whitehaven along with her grandmother Jane Smitham and Uncle Stanley. Does anyone know anything about this Wren family. Also does anyone know anything about the Smithams/Smitherams of Moresby Parks or the Connors family that lived at 80 Moresby Parks – the pit cottages.


Carol Stechman
Can I add my email address for people to answer the message sent previously on Dot Wren.
It is cazstechy@hotmail.com

I am researching my family of Martins` from Whitehaven.

James Martin b. 1814 (Brazier) m. Isabella b. 1824 - Whitehaven. One son- Isaac, lived at 3, Flosh Cottages - Cleator.

I am also researching the `Gledsdale` family, as they were related through marriage to the Martins.

I have other info., regarding the two families and would be willing to share.

Judith Harrison

Nov 2006

I have been trying to do research of my family from Whitehaven. My Great Great Grandfather was the last Vicar of the Holy Trinity Church which was built around 1715 and demolished in 1949. His name was Rev, Frederick Knowles Fell and I know of at least 2 sons - Hartley Taylor Fell and I'm not sure of the other. Rev. Frederick married a Florence Jane Taylor - not sure when. The son that I don't know his name, apparently died in a mining accident. If anyone has any information on the Fell's (burial sites, the Holy Trinity Church) could they please email me. I'm in Australia and it makes it a bit hard to go to Whitehaven to research! I would be grateful of any information. Thank you Jodie Thompson ..jodielee27@hotmail.com

Hello to you,I hope you may be able to help with my question.I have just discovered the graves of my Mills ancestors in Whitehaven cemetery,and I am hoping that one of your members might take a photo of the site for me and e-mail it to me.
The information I have on the graves is as follows:Joseph Mills aged 80 buried 17th.Aug.1858,the place of burial is described as 2-A No.34.Joseph's grandson George Mills was buried on the 15th.Aug.1863 aged 21 in 2-A No.33.
I do not know if there is a tombstone at the site but if there is I would be grateful for any information on it.
I look forward to hearing from someone in due course and extend my thanks and gratitude to whoever it maybe.
Bernard Mannix
Cornwall/ Straceyroad@aol.com
August 2006
Can anyone recall any information ref the name Kierman. I hace a birth certificate of my Grandma Margaret Kierman born 2/10/1914 2 West Strand, Whitehaven. Her farther was Thomas Kierman a shoemaker Journeyman and her Mother Eliza formerly Smith.
Somehow they ended up in Middlesbrough where Margaret married and sadly died in childbirth leaving her children with no photo. My mum has no pictures so iam desperate to find even a school photo.
I cannot find the marrige of Thomas & Eliza either so cannot trace the tree any further.
I know this is a long shot but fingers crossed xx
Please mail me diana.red23@ntlworld.com
Kind regards...Diana

May 2006
Does anyone recall the Davidson family who lived at 36, Irish Street before and during the last war. In September 1939 I was evacuated from Newcastle to Whitehaven and spent two happy years with this family. The Mother and Father were retired but sons Billy and Tommy, miners in the local colliery, but also Territorials in the Border Regiment, were still at home in the early days. Belle, a daughter married to Jack (also a Territorial) lived at home and another daughter, a Mrs. Smith lived round the corner.

Billy Dalzell who kept a shoe shop in the Town, also local Scout Commissioner, took a great interest in myself and another lad, and he and his wife would take us out in his car (DAO 567) to St. Bees and back home to 7, Inkerman Terrace afterwards for tea. A great man - his son was away in the War as a doctor or surgeon.

Also the Lithgow family who had a shop at the corner of Irish Street and the Market Place. We worked there when not at school.

I wonder if there are any of their families still about? John Williams. email johngwilliams@btinternet.com
April 2006
I have recently discovered that I have a relative who was born in Whitehaven, according to the census of 1851. She was born in 1825 give or take a year,and married a John Nelson, a Liverpool man in Liverpool in Sept 1843. Her name was Jane Crosbie and that unfortunately is as much as I know.

I should be very grateful if anyone could give me any information about her and her family.

With regards, Alan e-mail aj.pa.moore@tesco.net

February 2006
Would you be able to give me any information re: a family of brewers 1851
Esau Caldbeck& Sons. In 1851 living at 36 Queens Street Whitehaven.
Did the family have their own brewery or were they employed at brewery.
I have seen information ( brief) about Caldbeck Brewery but did not known if it was connected to this family.

Regards Mrs T Colbeck

January 30 2006
I wonder if you could help me.
My sister in law is a hairdresser in Newcastle Upon Tyne and one of her customers told her that her father was born in a pub called the Kings Arms and the address she gave her was Helpless Hill Whitehaven Cumbria.
I have asked a few people if they knew of this place and a couple said it was where the multi story car park area is.
An older gentleman told me it was next to wher Marchon works was established and when he was a lad he could remember horses being tied up out side and having to clean your shoes on a metal bar before walking in.
Could you let me know any information or where I could get photographs of this for her.
Thank You
Elaine Woodburn


Digital TV...
We had a caller who wanted to alert our viewers to detaikls of Cumbrian digital TV info site so her goes....try out http://www.digitaltvcumbria.info

This is a long shot.
Our family has had possession of a grand father clock passed down through several generations. My grandfather (dead in 1959) had told of carving on the lead weights as a child in Illinois which would probably be in the1880's.
On the face of the clock is what is apparently a signature of the clockmaker; W. Nichotlon or Nidiotlon, Whitehaven. I think the clock is from England, but not sure.
If any information is available I would appreciate it.
Thank you
Gerald L Harned
N57W30766 Lakewood Dr
Hartland WI 53029
USA Gharnbarn@aol.com

Oct 2005
Do you have any information on a Henry Walker or better yet his son Henry (also) Walker circa the 1750s? George Walker would have been fighting in the French & Indian War in the United States at this time. Any information, leads, or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Bob
Robert O. Stakeley
Project Archivist
Library & Archives

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center(In Association with the Smithsonian Institution)1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4200
Tel. 412-454-6368 Fax 412-454-6028

Hi I have been researching my family tree and have found that one of my
ancestors came from the Whitehaven area. I don't know where but her name was
margaret Sartorious or Sortorius and she was born around 1839. At the time
of 1881 census she was single and living in Liverpool with three children.
If anybody can help me I would be very grateful, Thanks J Cox cox1508@hotmail.com

August, 2005
Hi I am trying to find my ancestor on the 1851 census for 105 Queen St. Whitehaven - John Whitfield (48yrs), clogger. Can't seem to find the entry in the online entries. Also would he have advertised his business in the local papers of the time? Deborah Gillie" <debgillie@blueyonder.co.uk>

July 2005
I can only echo Stephen Denver's mail....Golden Ball is listed in 1881,
1871 and 1891 as 33 Irish St....we were looking for the same family and have
since made contact...does anyone have an old photo? I had an (inherited) old
photo of the pub which used to be on the site of the North - or previously
the Dolphin - pub
Mary Denvir

June 2005
I was looking with interest at your Internet site regarding Old Inns of Whitehaven. My interest is in genealogy and in particular my 2x gt grandmother, one Agnes Gowan. In the 1861 census she is resident at the address 21 Queen St, Whitehaven and indicates that she was a 46 yr old widow and head of the household with occupation "Innkeeper". My query therefore is, was 21 Queen St, at that time an Inn? Or did she live apart from the Inn? If the property she occupied on the night of the census was an Inn, I wonder if you are able to give me any details, such as its name, size, wasdid it have rooms to rent,ownership, etc?
Agnes' husband was William Gowan, a mail coachman, coaching between Whitehaven and Millom when he was alive and, indeed, in 1851 they were living at 3 Fox Lane, although he was absent on census night.
I would be most interested and obliged if you are able to give me any information.
Yours sincerely
Jenny Judson in Rotorua, New Zealand

April 2005

I am researching the life of Robert Alleyne Robinson who in 1861 came to be
private secretary to the second William Earl of Lonsdale; but he was little
known in this neighbourhood until in 1872 he succeeded upon the resignation
of Mr James Lumb of Holmewood, to the position of Chief agent of the
Whitehaven Castle Estate. He then became Lord Lonsdale's deputy at the
Whitehaven Trustee Board, and a number of important changes in local policy
marked his accession to office. On the completion of his twentieth year as
chief agent he was involved in a carriage accident and died on 1 December

I would be grateful if you have anything on Mr Robinson's life

Kind Regards

Margaret Robinson

Hi can you help my wife and i are moving to Parton around the end of may and she would like to know if there are any embroidery clubs in or around Whitehaven that she can join when we move thanks Derek

March 2005:

I've just been reading about Alan Routledge's study on the history of pubs
in Whitehaven and note that The Golden Ball is listed as number 87. This
is of interest to me because I'm undertaking some family history at the
moment and have found out that my Great Great Grandfather, John Denver, was
the landlord of The Golden Ball, 33 Irish Street, in 1881 (listed as a
Publican, Druggist and Brewer in the 1881 census). Any historical
information about the Golden Ball which you have, would be very
interesting to me.

Regards Stephen Denver/stephen.denver@hsbcib.com

December 2004, Hello ! I really admire Your informative well done web site! My question is:
1954 to 1957 I worked as a night shift weaver at WEST CUMBERLAND SILK MILLS.
does the company still operate or when did it close ?? I hope to visit the
region in one or two Years. Best regards Max Thyssen Charlotte NC USA
I wonder if you can help me?
I believe that my Grandmother, Jane Little worked at the Globe Hotel in Whitehaven.I wondered how I would be able to learn more about when and what she did. It must have been around 1912, she would have been about 16.
Hope you can put me in touch with someone who can help.

Many thanks
Jean G Mcdowell

December 2003
I am trying to find infomation about a pub called the Maugh
Sloop it is listed in the 1881 census and my grandfather was
the Innkeeper William Barnes. It is not in your pub guide
the address was 20 West Strand Whitehaven Cumbria can you please help.
reply to Ken.reay2@btinternet.com

Sept 6 2003
Can anyone tell me anything about A McGILL Brickmakers of Whitehaven? I have recently demolished two sheds, both of which were built with "whitehaven" bricks,(very difficult to drill!), and bricks with the logo A McGILL WHITEHAVEN impressed on the frog.

July 15 2003
My mother was born in Whitehaven. I have a pair of clogs that belonged to her.
What is the history of clogs as far as Whitehaven is concerned? One of my anncestors was harbourmaster of Whitehaven about 1830's. His name was Anthony Nicholson. Thank You. for any information on clogs you can give me.
Les Hunter
Tucson, Arizona
Whitehaven.org.uk replies:Lancelot Brew was the last clogger and he had a clog shop in Roper Street until the 1970s...

06 May 2003 Hello from Australia!

I have recently learnt that some of my heritage is in Whitehaven and the surrounding area. I am trying to learn something about the history of Whitehaven as this is where my gr gr gr Grandfather was born. His name was James REED and he married a lady named Ann GRAHAM in Whitehaven in 1833. I would like to learn more about them obviously and also about Whitehaven during this period. Can you please direct me as to where appropriate information might be gleaned. Also, a special request - are there many people with the surname REED or GRAHAM in the vicinity still?

Thank you
Robyn MacIntosh <macintosh.robyn.j@edumail.vic.gov.au>

Oct 30 2002. Is this the town where the famous Country Western Singer John Beck Resides?? Lisa White (Lisa.White@co.nevada.ca.us)


Hello! My name is Rick Erny, and I'm writing to you from Indianapolis,
Indiana, United States of America. I belong to a historical re-enactment
group, and our impression is the 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment. Here is
our website: http://www.ballindalloch-press.com/2ndborder/index.html
.As part of my impression, I have chosen Whitehaven as my hometown, circa 1914-1918. After
visiting your site, I know I have chosen well. I can only hope to actually visit your lovely community some day.

Any information on Whitehaven during the Great War, especially schools and other such institutions that existed back then, would be greatly appreciated. I may be contacted at: rerny@cji.state.in.us

Thank you so much!Rick Erny (Message dated 23-8-02)

hi just wanted to say well done on the whitehaven page. I now reside in nuneaton, warks and have a neigbour who lived on mirehouse. small world. I stood on whitehaven beach before i travelled the world and arrived at whitehaven in australia. 2 beautiful places on one planet. met a whitehaven lad and a workington lass in fiji.
keep up the good work.
tony ( a.messenger@ntlworld.com )


Hello Kind Person,
I am currently doing genealogical research on my mothers family and found your address on the web, I am hoping you can help me. My great great grandfather, James Devlin ran an Inn called the Rams' Head Inn. His brother also had a business called the Blacksmiths Arm. They were both located in Whitehaven. James had at least three sons Thomas Hugh and My great grandfather also called James. His birth date may be August of
1868. The family lived in Whitehaven many years eventually moving to the Isle of Man and the maybe to County Down, Northern Ireland. It is believed that James Devlin, Sr. died in December 7, 1889 and is buried in Fords Cemetery. We believe the family was Roman Catholic and the undertaker was T. Maquire of 25 Oldham street and 2 Myrtle Street. This summer I am hoping to make a trip to County Down, to the Isle of Man and to Whitehaven.
I don't know if you can provide me with any about this family. If not specific information perhaps you would know something about the two Inns they once owned, the Rams Head Inn and the Blacksmiths Arm. And most
important to my research the location of Fords Cemetery. Thank you so much for your time and effort in this matter Most Gratefully and Sincerely , Bernard Caulfield (BERNIECAUL@aol.com)