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Whitehaven Shipping, 1811

Information gathered by Steve Bulman on his excellent site...added here in case his site should ever relocate or go down....

Jollies Cumberland Guide & Directory, 1811
Whitehaven Shipping

Entries by: Vessel/ Rig/ Tonnage/ Master/ Owners

Albion sh 220 T. Holmes J. Birkett and owners
Albion sh 208 J. Watson Captain and owners
Ann sh 226 R. Woodall W. Stitt and Co.
Argo br 161 John Duke Captain and Co.
Argo br 132 John M'Millan R. M'Millan and Co.
Atlas br 167 R. Black Captain and Co.
Ant br 156 J. Christopherson Captain and Co.
Ann Eliza br 136 -------- M'Peter Captain and Co.
Alexander br 183 J. Hodgson Captain and Co.
Active br 134 T. Taylor Captain and Co.
Allison br 91 W. Adamson Captain and Co.
Ann sn 200 W. Nixon W. Younghusband and Co.
Anna sl 50 J. Holliday J. Gourley and Co.
British Queen sh 300 W. Ormandy W. Stitt and Co.
Blake br 130 W. Christian W. Corkhill and Co.
Betsy br 157 W. Branthwaite Captain and Co.
Brown br 220 Robert Fell W. Fisher and Co.
Brittania sn 200 W. Nixon Captain and Co.
Betty sn 145 T. Hair J. Hair and Co.
Bryer br 82 M. Redferne Captain and Co.
Balfour br 310 W. Frazer T. and J. Brocklebank
Brothers sl 60 A. Kerr Ellwood and Co.
Bee sm 15 R. Coulthard T. Losh and Co.
Baltic sn 153 H. Towers Captain and Co.
Clarendon sh 507 W. Atkinson W. Stitt and Co.
Chilham Castle sh 402 T. Hammond W. Stitt and Co.
Columbine sn 150 T. Twentyman Huddleston and Co.
Clementson br 132 J. Peele Captain and Co.
Concord br 170 N. W. Frazer Captain and co.
Carleton br 130 Wm. Park R. Cormack
Carrier br 127 T. Huddleston Captain and Co.
Charlotte br 135 H. Hind J. Stewart and Co.
Ceres br 74 P. Rooney Captain and Co.
Clyde sl 60 W. Wilson H. Bragg and Co.
Caesar sm 20 J. Birkett W. Moore
Dispatch br 100 A. Parrott A. Parrott and Co.
Dallam Tower br 97 J. Mitchell Captain and Co.
Dale br 153 J. Mitchell Captain and Co.
Diana br 142 J. Sherwen W. Sherwen and Co.
Diana br 167 J. Bulman Captain and Co.
Dove br 122 J. Wilson J. Wilson and Co.
Druid sh 215 J. Beck J. Stewart and Co.
Earl of Lonsdale sh 502 D. Crake W. Stitt and Co.
Europa sh 349 J. Burnell W. Stitt and Co.
Elizabeth br 157 W. Davis Captain and Co.
Edward br 152 J. Fell Harrison and Co.
Ellen br 104 ------- Edmondson Captain and Co.
Eleanor br 184 J. Lister Captain and Co.
Eleanor br 128 J. Potts J. Wilson and Co.
Experiment br 89 J. Young R. Barker and Cp.
Eliza sn 200 R. Coulthart W. Coulthard
Endeavour br 155 I. Bell Captain and Co.
Fortune br 127 R. Hind Captain and Co.
Friendship br 97 R. Wood Captain and Co.
Flora br 137 J. Delany Captain and Co.
Fame br 188 J. Stobow W. Thompson and Co.
Friendship br 83 G. Sallany Captain and Co.
Favourite br 152 W. Cowman Captain and Co.
Friendship sn 175 W. Corkhill Captain and Co.
Fanny sn 209 T. Connell W. Plaskett and Co.
Fame sn 110 W. Harper R. Barker and Co.
Friend's Delight sl 47 A. Benson Captain and Co.
Four Sisters sl 45 J. Quay E. Perry
Friendship br 199 J. Jackson W. Bowes and Co.
Farmer sl 15 J. Newby, sen. Captain
George br 83 W. White Captain and Co.
George br 89 J. Fell R. Cormack
Grizel sl 57 J. Denniston H. Bragg and Co.
Happy br 170 I. Lawson W. Thompson and Co.
Harrys br 110 J. Kneale Captain and Co.
Halcyon br 160 Ben. King Captain and Co.
Harmony br 270 E. Towerson W. Stitt and Co.
Harriet sn 168 D. Pearson W. Stitt and Co.
Hope br 244 J. Collins Captain and Co.
Hero sn 206 Wm. Burton J. Stewart and Co.
Hebe br 157 R. White Captain and Co.
Hercules sh 301 H. Jackson Brocklebanks and Co.
Jane and Mary br 112 J. Fisher Captain and Co.
John & Joseph br 159 W. Pagan J. Pagan and Co.
Jane br 122 J. Thompson H. Piper and Co.
Jamaica Packet br 166 H. Flinn Captain and Co.
Industry br 206 T. Cragg, jun. T. Cragg and Co.
Isca sn 157 A. Edgar Captain and Co.
John br 161 H. Rookin Captain and Co.
Isabella br 151 J. Hair Captain and Co.
Jamaica sh 252 H. Richardson R. Whiteside and Co.
Industry br 131 J. France Captain and Co.
Isaac & Jane br 175 N. Jefferson J. Nicholson and Co.
Julius Caesar sh 296 J. M'Iver ----- Stitt and Co.
Kitty br 137 B. Fisher Captain and Co.
Liberty sl 46 J. Gibson Captain and Co.
Lonsdale sn 185 E. Wilson R. Simpson and Co.
La Nymph
br 156 E. Davis Captain and Co.
Lady Elizabeth sl 58 W. Steel J. Bowness
Lady Caroline sm 37 W. Robbs T. Barwise
Lively bk 130 J. Carr A. Sibson and Co.
Langton sn 205 R. Dixon R. Dixon and Co.
Lord Donnegal br 133 J. Crenell W. Younghusband and Co.
Mary br 165 T. Fisher S. Fisher and Co.
Marston br 85 T. Hudson Captain and Co.
Monmouth br 100 J. Shepherd Captain and Co.
Martha sn 185 J. Rookin Captain and Co.
Mally br 77 ------- Captain and Co.
Mary & Betty br 150 P. Connor T. Nicholson and Co.
Mercury sc 93 J. Fearon Barker and Co.
Mary sl 33 G. Brice Captain and Co.
Mary Isabella br 144 G. Blacklock Captain and Co.
Mary Isabella br 183 H. Mossop Captain and Co.
Mary br 144 J. Folder Captain and Co.
Mary br 111 J. Hales Captain and Co.
Mary sl 45 W. Farraday E. Johnston and Co.
Musgrave br 132 J. Banks Captain and Co.
Marenham br 154 A. Wise Captain and Co.
Matty br 163 M. Hutchinson Captain and Co.
Martha br 143 T. Palmer Captain and Co.
Mary-Ann sl 57 W. Ormandy Captain and Co.
Maria sl 79 J. Hannah Captain and Co.
Mary sh 429 J. Cain W. Stitt and Co.
Nancy br 160 W. Rumney J. Dickinson and Co.
Nelly br 132 W. Birkett W. Kirby
New Draper br 141 B. Barwise Captain and Co.
New Active br 130 J. Skelding W. Maskew and Co.
Nelly & Peggy sm 15 W. Moore W. Moore
Nancy sl 56 J. Newby, jun. Captain
Providence's Success br 234 B. Robinson W. Stitt and Co.
Prosperity br 135 Wm. Christian J. Piper and Co.
Prosperous br 150 F. Tollins H. Thompson and Co.
Prince of Wales br 126 W. Gaitskell Captain and Co.
Perseverance br 158 J. Taylor Captain and Co.
Pomona br 97 J. Kennedy Barker and Co.
Pomona br 117 J. Wilson Captain and Co.
Peggy & Ellen br 72 W. Rigg Captain and Co.
Pleasant br 99 P. Ditchburn T. Harrison
Queen Charlotte br 211 J. Nicholson Captain and Co.
Rose sh 209 W. Steward Captain and Co.
Richard sh 215 J. Paxton W. Younghusband & Co.
Senhouse br 124 J. Dalton Bowes and Co.
Samuel br 170 J. Pennement Captain and Co.
Swan br 142 D. Coulthart A. Thompson and Co.
Susanna br 109 T. Cain J. Todhunter and Co.
Samuel & Thomas br 118 W. Bulman Captain and Co.
Swallow br 114 J. Bell W. Fisher and Co.
Sunton sn 170 W. Stuart Captain and Co.
Susanna sc 80 G. Cowell Barker and Co.
Thomas sn 211 J. Drury Captain and Co.
Trelawney sh 275 J. Whiteside R. Whiteside and Co.
Triton sn 254 H. Fox Captain and Co.
Triton sm 33 F. Fisher Captain and Co.
Tamar sn 111 Joseph Mundel Captain and Co.
Unity sc 47 A. Hu(x?)table B. Briscoe and Co.
Utility br 127 J. Fell W. Fell and Co.
Union sh 151 D. Dickinson Captain and Co.
Vigilant br 162 G. Leviston T. Fisher and Co.
Volunteer sh 354 J. Barwise T. and M. Hartley
Valentine br 98 T. Mitchell Captain and Co.
William & Mary br 156 J. Moore A. Moore and Co.
Woodall br 106 W. Jefferson Captain and Co.
Wilson br 212 ------ Nicholson J. Nicholson and Co.
Worsley br 131 W. Selkirk Captain and Co.
Westmorland sh 310 L. Bouch T. and M. Hartley
William sn 189 J. Boadle Captain and Co.
William & Ann sc 70 W. Park H. Bow(en?)
William sn 227 M. Clarke A. Sibson and Co.
Watson br 162 John Roper Captain and Co.
William br 146 J. Hayton Captain and Co.

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Pictured by Jan Fialkowski

Below are A List Of The Cumberland Shipping, Corrected To February 1840, by William Sawyers, Comptroller Of Her Majesty's Customs At The Port Of Whitehaven
Listed as: Vessel/ Type/ Where Built/ Master/ Owner

Affleck Brig Whitehaven Isaac Chester John Fell & Others
Adventure Brig A prize Joseph Bragg The Master
Ariel Brig Whitehaven Thomas Butler Thos. & John Brocklebank
Ant Brig Whitehaven Bernard Sheridan Master & others
Alexander Brig Lancaster John Reid Thomas Mitchell & others
Avoca Barque Whitehaven James Boadle Master & others
Aisthorpe Brig Sculcoates (York) Thomas Murphy John Dixon & others
Ann Sloop Dundee Edmund Newall Master & others
Alciope Brig Whitehaven William Bennett Master & others
Agaphea Snow Liverpool Thomas Dodd William Carruthers & others
Alert Schooner Whitehaven Joseph White Thomas Hammond & others
Ann Galliot Lancaster Abraham Ion Henry James Johnson
Agnes Brig Lancaster William Hill John Webster & others
Ann Schooner Harrington William White Thomas Hammond & others
Agnes Brig Greenock Edward Quayle Master & others
Antigua Packet Ship Whitehaven John M'Knight John, Robert & Geo. Dawson
Ann Wise Snow Workington Joseph Potts William Gaitskell & others
Athena Ship Workington Thomas Asbridge Thomas Benn
Active Brig Whitehaven R.T. Bradley Joseph Smith & others
Amity Brig Chester John Harris Master & others
Argestes Brig Douglas Thomas Hannay Master & others
Albion Schooner Whitehaven John Rigby Master & others
Brothers Brig Chepstow John Cormick Executors of R. Cormick
Balfour Brig Whitehaven William Foster Thos. & John Brocklebank
Brothers Brig Chester John Danson John Gibson, Master, & others
Bransty Schooner Whitehaven Lowther Benn Thomas Brocklebank
Bell Brig Maryport John Stuart James Hannay Watson & others
Brothers Brig Maryport Robert Bilton William Sherwen & others
Bahia Packet Snow Southwick (Durham) Daniel Muncaster Master & others
Barrow Sloop Ulverston John Kennedy Wm. Sherwen & John Webster
Benjamin Brig Scarborough Joseph Holmes Margaret Holmes & others
Bleng Brig Whitehaven John M'Dowall Joseph Younghusband & others
Bardsea Galliot Ulverston John Gaitskell Joseph Tyson
British Queen Brig Whitehaven John Robinson Robert & Henry Jefferson
Brown Brig Maryport Thomas Jackson John Gardner Falkner & others
Bengalee Barque Dumbarton W.B. Boadle Master & others
Constitution Brig Harrington George Sewell William Dixon & others
Courier Schooner Whitehaven Robert Huntress Thomas & John Brocklebank
Countess of Lonsdale Steamer Whitehaven J.T. Lamb Whitehaven Steam Navigation Co.
Carricks Brig Workington Robert Dawes James Potts & others
Camilla Brig Whitehaven William Reed Anthony Bell & others
Cumbrian Brig Whitehaven John Roper Master & others
Cumberland Ship Whitehaven Isaac Nicholson Thomas & Milham Hartley
Colonist Barque Harrington Jeremiah Cowman Master & others
Comet Brig Whitehaven Edward Head Walker, Wilson, and Barwise
Campbell Snow Maryport John Bell James M'Minn & others
Calder Brig Whitehaven William Turner Joseph Younghusband & others
Cumberland Ship Whitehaven David Power Master & others
Catherine Brig Douglas Dennis Coffey Master & others
Capella Brig Whitehaven Anthony Candlish Master & others
Cygnet Brig Dundee William Fletcher Master & others
Ceres Brig Whitehaven John Grayson Master & others
Champion Barque Whitehaven Joseph Steel Master & others
Dash Schooner Whitehaven William Huntress Thomas & John Brocklebank
Diana Brig Whitehaven William Miller Thomas Twentyman & others
Derwent Brig Workington Wilson Harper Robert & Henry Jefferson
Douro Brig Chester John Reed Master & others
Duch. of Leinster Sloop Chester Robert Candlish Richard Taylor & John Bailiff
Diadem Schooner Whitehaven Benjamin Ellwood Master & others
Endeavour Brig Rockcliffe Thomas Collins Anthony Bell & others
Elizabeth Brig Parkgate William Hunter Master & others
Eleanor Brig Whitehaven Thomas Potts Master & others
Eliza Brig Whitehaven John Clerk John Webster & others
Eliza Ann Barque New Brunswick William Carruthers Wiliam Gaitskell & others
Eliza Heywood Snow Maryport E.H. Heywood, jun. E. Holwell Heywood, sen., & others
Earl of Lonsdale Steamer Whitehaven S.V. Thompson Whitehaven Steam Navigation Company
Egeria Brig Leith Joseph Skelly Master & others
Elizabeth Moore Barque Deptford, (Durham) James Moffat John Moore & others
Enterprise Schooner Whitehaven John Gibbs Thomas Hammond & others
Ecaster Smack Isle of Man Thomas Radcliffe Rowland Boustead
Express Schooner Whitehaven H.T. Walker Thomas Hammond & others
Earl of Harewood1 Kingston-Upon-Hull William Fox John Lascelles & others
Eclipse Schooner Whitehaven Joseph Easterbrooke Thomas Hammond & others
Enterprise Brig Quebec Joseph Fletcher Master & others
Eliz. Buckham Brig Whitehaven ------- Scott Master & others
Elizabeth Snow Workington William Mossop Thomas Mitchell & others
Elizabeth Schooner Kirkcudbright John Little Master & others
Edwin Brig Nova Scotia Daniel Shilton Master & others
Earl of Lonsdale Ship Whitehaven John Peile, jun. John Peile, sen.
Elizabeth Schooner Whitehaven John Adamson Robert Eilbeck & others
Fame Brig Liverpool Daniel Crosthwaite Isabella Connel & Joseph Brayton
Favourite Brig Liverpool Thomas Cowman Master & others
Flora Brig Chepstow John Corkhill Thomas Fearon & others
Floraville Brig Whitehaven Joseph Mackinney William Younghusband & others
Four Sisters Brig Llainsaintfraid (Cardigan) John Sherwen Master & others
Fancy Brig Harrington Watson Gaitskell Thomas Fearon & others
Fairie Schooner Whitehaven Robert Fulton Thomas Brocklebank
Frances Brig Whitehaven James Ilean John Cowman & others
Fortune Brig Leith James Coulthard Master & others
Friendship Smack Annan James Conning Master, J. M'Harg, & others
Fortfield Barque Chepstow Henry Willis William Younghusband
Gunga Barque Whitehaven William Reside William Younghusband & others
Grace Brig Workington Thomas Bell John Peile & others
Hero Ship Whitehaven Robert Smallwood Henry Grayson & others
Hebe Brig Monkwearmouth Robert White Edward Clementson & others
Helvellyn Barque Whitehaven William M'Lean W.B. Boadle & others
Herculean Barque Whitehaven Joseph Grindale Thomas & John Brocklebank
Hindoo Barque Whitehaven Matthew Mawson Thomas & John Brocklebank
Henderson Brig Workington Joseph Hull Benjamin Barwise & Jos. Sheffield
Hope Sloop Lancaster James Ewart Samuel Ewart & others
Hannah Brig Dublin Joseph Gregory James Reed & others
Hope Brig Liverpool Wm. Sherridan Bernard Sherridan & others
Hygeia Barque Nova Scotia John Hannah John Hamilton & the Master
Harbinger Barque Whitehaven B. Candlish Master & others
Jane Brig Whitehaven James Hudson Benjamin Barwise & others
Jamaica Brig Whitehaven Joseph Pritt Thomas & John Brocklebank
Jane Brig Massachusets Bay Carberry Burns Elizabeth Piper & others
Irt Barque Whitehaven H. Ludlow Thomas & John Brocklebank
John Brig Whitehaven Joseph Gaitskell Abraham Bell & others
Ino Ship Whitehaven Dennis Wheelan George Harrison
Jane Brig Liverpool Joseph Wood Master & others
Ituna Brig Whitehaven Abm. Sanderson Anthony Bell & others
John Scott Brig Whitehaven Mark Robinson Master & others
Ivanhoe Barque Maryport James Gibson Joseph Gunson & others
Jane Galliot Ulverstone William Greenlaw William & Joseph Sherwen
Jessey Brig Harrington John Jackson Master & others
Jane and Sally Smack Ramsay Philip Cowen George Milburn & Joseph Rich
Isabella Brig Liverpool David Atkinson Master & others
Jessie Maria Brig Quebec William Clark Wm. Thompson, B. Barwise & G. Conquest
Isabella Brig Chepstow John Kelly Master & others
Isabella Smack Perth Isaac Middleton William Middleton
Jane and Jessie Brig Whitehaven John Campbell Master & others
Kitty Brig Whitehaven Matthias Pearce Fisher & Steward & others
Lady Harvey Brig Bay of Fundy Thomas Reed William Sherwen & others
Lady S. Stewart Brig Whitehaven William Steel Robert & Henry Jefferson
Louisa Smack Belfast Samuel Kay Joseph & William Wilson
Lark Brig Workington Joseph Quinton James Armstrong & others
Larch Snow New Brunswick Noble Macadam Thomas Macadam
Lowther Castle Schooner Whitehaven Wm. Middleton The Master
Lady Bentinck Brig Whitehaven Joseph Hamilton Master, Anthony Bell & others
Lund Brig Ulverston M. Spedding Master & others
Lightfoot Brig Harrington Henry Pearce John Watson & others
Liffey Snow Chester Wilson France Master, Wm. Sherwen & others
Morton Brig Whitehaven Thomas Kelly Master, Anthony Bell & others
Manchester Barque Whitehaven G.A. Raney Thomas & John Brocklebank
Medora Brig Deptford (Durham) Wm. Brownrigg Richard Barker & others
Margery Smack Douglas Peter Jenkinson Joseph & William Wilson
Malcolm Barque Whitehaven Jonathan Sim Master & others
Mercury Schooner Whitehaven James Broadfoot Master & others
Minerva Brig Aberystwith George Roper Thomas Fearon & others
Mary Isabella Brig A Prize John Riley Thomas Mitchell & others
Margaret Schooner Whitehaven Henry Jorden Joseph Bragg
Mary Gordon Sloop Whitehaven Cornelius Conning Master & others
Mary Brig Kincardine Robert Collier Master & others
Maria Brig Liverpool Robert Waddell Master & others
Massereene Brig Belfast John Glover Master & others
Margaret Snow Maryport Thomas Mitchinson Joseph Bacon & others
Mary Brig Workington R. Wheelwright Master & others
Manley Brig Harrington James Glover Joseph Miller & others
Martha Brig Harrington Richard Cowman Thomas Mitchell & others
Mayflower Brig Harrington Matthew Pool John Watson & others
New Draper Brig Emsworth Benjamin Barwise Master & others
New Minerva Brig Liverpool Cyrus Wood William Steward
Nimble Schooner Whitehaven Jacob Caldbeck Thomas Hammond & others
Nile Barque Whitehaven J. L. Anderson Master & others
Nelly Brig New Brunswick Wm. Branthwaite Harrison Branthwaite & others
Octavia Brig Yarmouth Isaac Nicholson William Kirkby Pearson & others
Princess Charlotte S2 Whitehaven Michael King Thomas & John Brocklebank
Perseverance Barque Whitehaven R. B. Corkhill James Gunson & others
Pomona Brig Chester John Corlett John Thompson & others
Penelope Brig Whitehaven John Thompson Master & others
Pandora Snow Aberystwith J. H. Cowman Master & others
Planter Brig Harrington John Kirk Richard Whiteside & others
Parton Brig Chepstow Thos. Richardson Robert Carswell & others
Paragon Brig Maryport J. W. Little John Dawson
Robert Brig Belfast Wm. Christian Master & others
Richardson Brig Deptford (Durham) John Furnass Joseph Pagan & others
Rochdale Brig Liverpool William Kewley John Watson & others
Robert J. Haynes Brig Workington John Graham Master & others
Robert Lovely Schooner Harrington William Bryce Master & others
Richard Schooner Chepstow W. Martin John Webster & others
Reaper Brig Whitehaven John Irwen Master & others
Reward Brig Maryport William Salmon Master & others
Ringdove Brig Whitehaven George Wooff John Walker & others
Sarah Brig Maryport George Cape Joseph Tyson & others
Shammon Brig Whitehaven John Taggart Anthony Steel & others
Sarah Brig Workington Thomas Gillead Master & others
Superior Brig Whitehaven G. H. Bell James Gunson & others
Samuel Brig Maryport John Rigby John Webster & others
Scipio Brig Whitehaven Henry Greggs John Cowman & others
Senhouse Brig Chester J. Christian Henry Fisher & Joseph Watson
Success Snow Workington Joseph Hannah John Thompson & others
Solway Snow South Shore (Durham) Isaac Simon Master, & Wm. Jackson & others
Sarah Rawes Brig Whitehaven Richard Clark John Webster & others
Sarah Schooner Whitehaven Thomas Patterson Robert Eilbeck & others
Spey Brig Garmouth John Dobson Master & others
Sarah Birkett Snow Monkwearmouth R. M. Atkin Robinson Birkett & Sarah Cook
Susannah Brig Harrington James Stephenson Thomas Martindale & others
Star Brig Whitehaven William Bee Master & others
Sirius Schooner Whitehaven Jonathan Hales Master & others
Sylla Brig Lower Canada George Mc. Minn Master & others
Thomas Tyson Snow Maryport Thomas Wylie Joseph Tyson & others
Transit Snow Whitehaven Wm. Braithwaite James Potts & others
Thomas Brig Whitehaven Josiah Edmondson W. F. Nicholson & others
Thomas Barque Ulverston John Banks William Gaitskell & others
Tom Brig Chester Wm. Coulthard Master & others
Thos. & William Brig Sunderland John Harding William Sherwen & others
Triton Schooner Whitehaven Robert Cormick Thos. Cormick & Wm. Cormick
Traveller Brig Newport John Russell Joseph Russell & others
Unerigg Brig Maryport William Banks William Sherwen
Utility Brig Conway Joseph M'Gill John Fell & others
Union Brig Nova Scotia John Greenlaw Henry Moore & Jonathan Moore
Vanguard Brig Whitehaven M. B. Walker Master & others
Volunteer Barque Whitehaven Alexander M'Minn John Barwise & others
Victoria Brig Douglas Alexander Smart William Jackson & others
William Brig Workington John Richardson Master & others
William & Mary Brig Whitehaven Isaac Martin Anthony Steel & others
Westmorland Brig Whitehaven John Hunter T. & J. Brocklebank
Whitehaven Brig Whitehaven Benjamin Turner Joseph Russell & others
Wellington Brig Chepstow John Beeby Anthony Steel & others
Watkins Brig Whitehaven John Whiteside Master & others
Wilkinson Brig Whitehaven Robert M'Cartney Abraham Bell & others
Wasdale Brig Whitehaven John Pagen Joseph Tyson & others
Woodville Brig Whitehaven I. C. Hellon Master & others
Warlock Barque Whitehaven James M'Minn James M'Minn & others
Zephyr Brig Whitehaven John Wearen Anthony Bell & others